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0 Responses to Mixes

  1. Gerard Boucher says:

    It was a great mix, very impressed. Been sharing it with friends and they love it. Only problem is it went so fast.

  2. Caroline says:

    I run a restaurant and replaced my bartenders mix with this mix, much better and tastes way better, too.

  3. Sierra K says:

    Bought the 25 oz. and it was gone in a few hours. My entire family loved this mix. I am wondering if I can order in bulk as I plan on mixing this every weekend.

  4. ROD CALKINS says:

    Glad this mix was sent to me. Will definitely be getting some more. Love the fact that it is made organically. Not to mention the taste. WOW. Full flavored, nicely spiced. The first sip will warm you right up. The mix is on the thick side. Definitely, a must try. Go get some. You will be glad you did.

  5. Matthew Grant says:

    I went to a brunch recently and the hostess had this mix. I am obsessed now! Best bloody mary I’ve ever had in my life. Perfect mixture of spices, nice and thick to blend wonderfully.

  6. Garland Nelson says:

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Chances are you may not have a fireplace, but you can still get some internal warmth from “K Bloody Mary Mix”. This is more than your Sunday brunch Bloody Mary. It is delicious! Its full body tanginess has taste-bud tantalizing zing. You don’t even need vodka to enjoy it. Add a couple of celery stalks and carrot sticks and you damned near have an appetizer. But of course you can mix in vodka, and there are other alcoholic beverages you can try with it. Find out more by visiting the web site at

    This stuff is enjoyable all year round. But, if you will be hosting gatherings during the holidays or haven’t yet completed your gift list, this is an excellent time to give this liquid refreshment a try. It’s great for a hangover too. It may not cure it, but it might make you feel better about it.