Message from K, creator of K Bloody Mary Mix:

“The idea of producing “K Bloody Mary Mix” was conceived after I attended a large social gathering. Over the years, as a bartender at various restaurants and bars, I have created custom blends of Bloody Mary mixes. For this gathering I made my most recent blend. It’s a Savory, Stimulating, Spicy, organic vegan and gluten-free blend that is simply delightful. Friends and guests told me that I just HAD to bottle and sell it. This included people who drank the mix with and without alcohol. So now with their support and encouragement, along with the many compliments I’ve received over the years, I am taking the steps to move forward in making this new found venture come true.

This mix is not just spicy for the sake of being spicy. The particular combination of ingredients I’m using has been blended to create a distinct flavor that has richness and depth. The heat isn’t just hot, it’s savory and stimulating to your taste buds. It’s rich and bold and you get the full essence and joy after you’ve let it roll around in your mouth like you would a great wine or cognac.”

Whether you enjoy Bloody Marys, Bloody Marias, Red Snappers or just the mix over ice, K Bloody Mary Mix is very versatile. It also works as a great addition to your favorite cocktail sauce recipe or as a marinade to add a kick to all your favorite foods.

Why You’ll Love K Bloody Mary Mix

Gluten-Free, Vegan & Organic
We use all-natural, vegan and organic ingredients. And, we’re Gluten-Free!

Stimulates the Palate
An explosion of diverse flavors and ingredients that surprise at every turn.

Pairs Well with Different Liquors
It’s not just vodka anymore. Think tequila, whiskey, and sake. Visit our Recipes section for some innovative new creations using K Bloody Mary Mix.

What to do with K Bloody Mary Mix

Check out our full collection of recipes and ideas for celebrating with K Bloody Mary Mix.

Invite some friends over
They’ll love K Bloody Mary Mix – it’s versatility is attractive and pulls them in quickly. Give them a night to remember.